Art of Rap World Premiere ICE-T, Chuck D, Melle Mel & Raekwon Hammersmith Apollo 19.07.12

The Art of Rap World Premiere ‘Something from Nothing’ was special for many reasons. Ice-T makes a compelling directing debut with this documentary, and it was a rare sight to witness Ice, Chuck D, Melle Mel and Raekwon on the same stage.
The Q&A featured the perceived lack of female rappers in the film, As Ice Ice T explained this was not true but all deserve the right to have their voice heard right..MC Lyte and Salt(Salt & Pepper) add significant contributions giving their influences in the genre. Also did hip hop pave the way for the for the first black president? See Ice T’s answer to thisquestion here: The lyrical skill on display in this film is awesome as well as inspirations behind the albums. For example while Chuck D was making Fear of a Black Planet he was listening to Sly and the Family Stone. Rakim would listen to sounds from an open window in the neighborhood, when writing rhymes he would use 16 dots on a page then the ideas would flow. The photography and visuals are just amazing too…the New York and LA landscapes have to be seen to be believed. All though there are some significant names missing and through various circumstances, this documentary shows the sheer innovation and energy of these artists.

'Art of Rap' Film Premiere

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