Celebrating Classics with the Pharcyde Bizarre Ride II 20th Anniversary

Welcome to the second installment of our celebrating classics series! After the release of the outstanding debut ‘Bizarre Ride II’ in 1992, The Pharcyde played their first London show at famous Jazz Cafe in July 1993. Now first of all we like to keep everything to do with a band we respect…see the ticket from this show at facebook.com/flipthescriptbook¬† Those were the days when tickets were customized! not the generic boring ones used today! Secondly, apart from the outstanding vocals, jazz samples and fresh beats on the LP, the artwork was just amazing. Delicious Vinyl is a label we always loved and still do so it was a given to go and witness (for ¬£8.00!!) the very first live show in London.

Now to celebrate Bizarre Ride II 20th Anniversary Flip the Script has dug deep in the archives and uploaded a rare recording of this special gig for “yo listenin pleasure” http://soundcloud.com/flip-the-script/pharcyde2-ed

We also managed to catch Fatlip’s Dj set in London in February where apart from playing a diverse selection of tunes, he rocked the place with a live version of ‘Passin me by’-¬† priceless.



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