Sacred Music: Sacred Spaces – A Love Supreme 21.06.12

A mesmerising re-envisioning of John Coltrane’s A Love Supreme was performed last night. Big Respect to Chaser Productions for putting this on! We were and still are in awe.. The Chapel at Kings College (The Strand, London) proved the perfect space for this experience: 

John Coltrane - Re-envisioning -A Love Supreme

Ansuman Biswas melodic Indian instruments,  Crispin Robinson (+ 2)  Bata drums,  Juwon  Ogunbe – voice  Maya Jegede  kora / harp,  Neil Charles  contra bass, Nikki Yeoh  piano,  Orphy Robinson  –  steel pan /marimba  Pat Thomas  electronics,  Rowland Sutherland   flute,  Richard  Spaven  drums,  Steve Williamson tenor saxophone,  Shabaka Hutchins  bass clarinet.


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